COLOR: choosing the perfect one.

Hello Fab Famz,
In my last post I discussed on the basis of choosing color,Now am gonna be talking about knowing how to pick the right colors.
Color is the trend of all season , as it is a necessity one has to be aligned with in every aspect, you a stylist,designer,video producer,or even an artist it has a way of creating emotion in people and there works.
Here are some tips to finding that perfect color, I know how frustrating it could be if one doesn’t have a full knowledge of colors; 1.know your self,get to know what you like, have a feel of confidence and decisiveness in you.
2.Importantly the colors wheels are one thing you might want to learn about,once you have a hang of it you are set to go. The color wheel which forms from yellow,blue,and red generally gives rise to the primary,secondary and tertiary colors which bore other colors we know today.
3.Find a guide get some magazine which could inspire your sense of choosing color .let’s take for example a magazine must always consider color before printing copies or Even designing a website you could follow the style used as a guide,also scoop the net or magazine for red carpet event and runway shows you will surely get one or two lesson from it.
4.Always believe in your choice,believing in that chosen color is always gonna be right ,someday you did hear comments like I love your dress combination and much more as long as you are sure you deserve it……
5.Be creative.
Well that all for now, remember to live life to the fullest,it a new month so DREAM big and be FAB that the way to live full. See ya.



         The first thought that came to my mind are the basis of color as my first post ,i wanted to see how intriguing color is ,i actually spent quite a number of time surfing the net on it ,for it meaning and how it affect one’s mood . colors are great supplement to everyone in all aspect in the fashion sense one has the ability to combine colors and use it to tell a story , a friend actually used orange and lemon in painting,it brightened the room gave it the spirit of liveliness.

        For everyone some say they have a specific color let’s be reasonable you don’t,ask WHY,well the ability for u to choose a specific color is something every individual with as  a human with sense is blessed with,you love a color now doesn’t guaranty  you will like it later on in life so to say choosing color comes with taste .

            choosing colors for events,decoration is a choice of one’s sense build yours wanna know how stay updated for my next post………and live the dream till i come your way